Pare, A Place Where The Strangers Are Unaccepted

a message on a wall
Captured on November 2015 In english: “This is your Mother Land, We Are Not Tourists Here” -Wiji Thukul-

Once upon a time in Pare, which is located in the one of the most crowded provinces in Indonesia, East Java, you could spot “a unique message” on a wall along the traditional market area. Quite sarcastic to read by people there since most of them are coming from other variety places. They aren’t native.

I’ve been there for several months and found a great experience. Yeah, Pare is a place where students gather studying foreign languages. A big number of people come frequently there. It helps native people in economic, due to the increasing of needs in the area.  I’ll say. As you know, the country is plural and multicultural, and Pare’s just like a miniature of Indonesia. Plurality is everywhere. However, the situation absolutely rose different responds also. There are always black, white, or grey. Just like in religion taught, there are good, bad, and mixed area of them.

Anyway, let’s think about the wall. Is it made by someone who doesn’t like the situation for sure, or it could be only a temporal unhappy condition who was felt by someone but scratched longer on a wall in public. What is your assumption?

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