Luki Ahmadi Hari Wardoyo

It’s always difficult to begin right?

Hey, this is me, Luki Ahmadi Hari Wardoyo.

Well, this is my first post in this blog and I’m feeling kind of excited about it. Actually I don’t know exactly what should I write down here but I’ll try my best. That is the hardest thing to start something, isn’t? Then also, we have 5w 1h method right?

It might be better to begin with myself, an ordinary boy from central Indonesia, a country which is located in a short length through equator line of the planet. Virtually all of people here think that Indonesia is a beautiful and rich country. Well, you can’t say that again. I do love my country, and about this opinion, is it a dogma given by the goverments in almost all of the places? Implied by yourself.

It is quite difficult for me to write without a mind map like this. I hope this blog will give a different perspective although it still unorganized well.

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