Kebodohan & Kepala-kepala yang Panas!

Long parade of chaos between two big waves in Indonesian political scene, especially on the internet, which are well-known as Pro-Ahok & Anti-Ahok groups is now probably finally ended after Dwiarso Budi Santiarto sentenced 2 years and immediately took Ahok to the Cipinang prison.

While on previous day, Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) as a group with khilafiyah perspective instead democratic, and a part of the Anti-Ahok groups is officially declared to be dismissed by the sovereign government.

However, numerous cases are still remaining such as Rizieq’s pornographic case and Buni Yani’s investigation, awaiting for completion. Now Indonesian people are going crazy in commenting and sharing opinion in almost every platform and mass media related to the situation. Radar Sukabumi (member of JPNN) as a local newspaper also issued a headline about HTI’s dismissed by showing an illustration on its front cover. That illustration was absorbing large intentions from Indonesian folks to give their ‘humble’ appreciation as well.

radar sukabumi
Keren ini tawwa nah, HL-nya.

It shows a Garuda (mythical bird becoming nation’s symbol) ripping a flag. The talented artist drew it fantastically, but it turned people crazy. Not about the Garuda but the flag which is white-coloured and showed tauhid sentences on it. Since the flag is always used as one of HTI’s signages on road while demonstration time, I do believe that artist who drew that illustration didn’t tend to insult another verse of Quran.

These people are only experiencing really bad time and become more sensitive in responding something as result of political situation and over-free speaks. Hopefully this e-chaos will be end soon and ramadan will come peacefully on us.

Adek sudah lelah bang! Adakah?

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