Your Teachers are Your Parents?

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Many people think that pupils have rights to get education about how to identify good and bad attitude from their teachers while others believe that the true purpose of teachers is only teaching academic subjects. I personally believe, the teacher should give the pupils some educations at school which can help them to recognize and determine good and bad things in life.

To begin with, teachers’ purpose in school is only to teach academic subjects to the pupils such as math, natural science, history and others. It is important to give students academic knowledges since it is becoming main purpose of the school. Parents can bring their children to there and teachers at school transfer their knowledges. While the pupils studying at school, parents at home are able to let their children receiving academic knowledges. Eventually, their children can understand the subjects that were given to them.

On the other hand, some parents also believe that teachers at school also ought to give good example of behaviour for daily activity. As a place to educate, school has a function to create great people that can contribute in society. Pupils should be given by enough knowledge to determine which one is allowed to do and which one is not deserved to do. It is like giving a concept that policemen are good men and villains who have bad character and attitude deserving to live in prison due to their fouls.

Overall, teachers can be roled as parents at school who had main purpose to rise their children as a good personality. Teaching academic skills are compulsory but giving knowledge to judge bad and good things also significant for pupils’ development. Thus, the teachers is both vital for academic skills and inter personality skills of the children.

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